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Career Pathways to Cybersecurity

Journeys Map is working with leading cyber authorities to aid job seekers in discovery and managing their personal pathways to high paying jobs in cybersecurity. Contact us today to find out how your institute, association, school, or business can benefit.

Journeys Mapis the industry solution for:

Regional Pathway Programs

Creating regional pathway programs for any industry, or group of industries.

Industry Specific Pathway

From cyber to advanced manufacturing to healthcare. Journeys Map has the underlying data to create robust industry pathway programs.

Empowering School Career

Powering School Career Programs with advisory… and student tools and data that unlock opportunities and detail pathways.

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Journeys Map Lets Students Explore and discover opportunities.

Select a career path example to view the best route to get there.

  • iT Manager

    Common ways to become an IT Manager

    • Earn a BA in Computer Science.
    • Earn a Certified Network Defense Architect certification.
    • Become a GIAC Certified Project Manager. LEARN MORE about this path.
  • Special Education Teacher

    Common ways to become a Special Education Teacher

    • Preliminary Education Specialist Credential.
    • Earn an Education Specialist Credential.
    • Early Childhood National Board Certification LEARN MORE about this path.
  • Midwife Nurse

    Common ways to become a “Midwife Nurse”

    • Master of Science in Nursing.
    • Certified Professional Midwife.
    • Certified Director of Nursing in Long Term Care. LEARN MORE
  • Video Game Designer

    Common ways to become a Video Game Designer

    • Minor in Computer Applications.
    • BA in Computer Science.
    • Rich Media Certification. LEARN MORE about this path.

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