May 7, 20241:27 pm

Bridging the Gap: How Journeys Map Empowers San Diego’s Cybersecurity Workforce

Author: Erin Tanner

San Diego’s reputation as a national leader in cybersecurity is well-established. The city boasts a booming tech sector, a wealth of job opportunities, and a constant demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. However, this creates a challenge: employers struggle to find qualified candidates, while learners from diverse backgrounds seek clear pathways into this exciting field.

This was the topic of conversation on a recent episode of Spotlight on the Community, where Erin, Client Services Consultant, and Peter, CEO, from Journeys Map joined host Drew Schlosberg. Here’s a look at the key points discussed:

Emerging Tech Opportunities for All

The good news is that cybersecurity offers career opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Journeys Map highlighted the growing trend of mid-career transitions, where professionals from other sectors leverage their transferable skills to enter the cybersecurity field. Additionally, “grey collar” workers, those with valuable experience but lacking formal qualifications, can find pathways to build the necessary skills and certifications for cybersecurity careers.

The Employer’s Challenge & Journeys Map’s Solution

Filling high-paying tech jobs is a significant challenge for San Diego’s cybersecurity firms. According to the San Diego Cyber Cluster 75% of these companies struggle to find qualified candidates. This talent gap hinders economic growth and national security.

Journeys Map tackles this challenge by connecting employers with a wider pool of qualified candidates. The platform leverages AI-assisted skills and gap analysis to identify potential candidates with the right capabilities. Additionally, Journeys Map collaborates with learning providers to ensure that educational programs align with current industry needs, preparing graduates for success in the workforce.

Supporting Our Military and Building a Robust Talent Pipeline

The interview with Journeys Map emphasized their commitment to supporting San Diego’s unique cybersecurity ecosystem, with a particular focus on empowering transitioning military members.  

Empowering Military Transition:

Journeys Map understands the valuable skill sets veterans possess, from analytical thinking to cyber defense experience. Our platform helps translate those strengths into relevant cybersecurity qualifications, facilitating a smooth transition to rewarding careers. This in turn, develops a robust talent pipeline to support the military’s growing cybersecurity needs and strengthens our national security posture.

A Focus on San Diego’s Needs

Beyond military transition, Journeys Map offers additional solutions to address San Diego’s specific needs.

Building a Sustainable Pipeline:

The platform connects employers with a wider pool of qualified candidates, promoting long-term workforce sustainability for San Diego’s cybersecurity sector.

Empowering Learners, Employers, and the Community

By providing learners with personalized career journeys and insightful data-driven tools, Journeys Map empowers individuals to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Employers benefit from a wider pool of qualified candidates and a more efficient recruitment and retention process. Ultimately, this collaborative approach strengthens San Diego’s cybersecurity posture and ensures the region’s continued success in the digital age.

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