About Journeys

Journeys is an interactive wayfinding map designed to engage learners in exploring life’s career pathway opportunities and provide personalized directions to successfully navigate all educational and professional transitions.

Through patented technology, Journeys revolutionary interactive learning map functions like Google Maps™. Journeys provides users with thousands of education, training and career choices. Easily browse data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, which includes over 1,800 occupations. For each Journey created, the learning concepts, as well as the skills and knowledge that must be mastered, are provided. Users are able to review degree and certification options that align to their chosen occupation, as well as over 9,500 institutions (2yr/4yr colleges and professional continuing education) that offer the selected degree or certification. Real-time career and internship openings are personalized by region through the INDEED.com interface. Users are able to create pathways to successfully navigate through K-12, Career and Technical Education, college/university, military, and professional training, to reach their desired career goal. Journeys will empower users to pursue educational goals while exploring life’s possibilities, including career decision-making. It is designed to enable counselors, mentors and educators to provide personalized support to those under their care. Journeys, with its interactive map interface, real-time access to vast databases, patented technology and personalized dashboards, is a dramatic improvement from the current career counseling applications and tools available. In summary, Journeys is a user-centric solution that delivers an interactive map infrastructure highlighting the entire learning landscape and gives every individual the power to find and follow their own personalized pathway. Journeys has the potential to revolutionize the way users of any age become successful in life.