January 16, 20244:25 pm

Unleash the Hidden Talents Within Your Team with Journeys Map

Author: Erin Tanner

For companies, c-suite execs and front-line managers looking to take their teams to new heights in 2024, the first step inevitably lies in understanding the full potential of their existing teams.

A goal here at Journeys Map is to find better ways of empowering managers and CEOs alike with unparalleled insights into the hidden talents within their organization. A key differentiator, the right mix of talent can make or break a company. Once your team is optimized, the key becomes preservation and long term development. Journeys Map is designed to provide directional navigation through the diverse skills, experiences, and potentials of your team members. The information provided can help unearth the untapped brilliance within your workforce to drive innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

Retention Focused:

Did you know that 40% of employees leave due to a lack of career growth? By identifying and nurturing your teams existing talent sets, retention rate will increase. Often, employees have different sets of skills that can be applied in new and important way — Journeys Map is designed to help you unlock these treasures and identify new ways to apply and optimize them —increasing productivity. Occasionally, new career focuses can be found as well, allowing a good employee to become a better version of themselves in a new and exciting capacity.

Illuminating Diversity:

Diversity matters and according to Glassdoor 67% of job seekers prioritize searching for companies with diverse workforces. Journeys Map lights up underutilized talent, especially in underrepresented groups. By unveiling hidden skill sets, you can build a more inclusive and dynamic workforce, attracting top talent and boosting innovation. Picture a programmer with a passion for community outreach becoming your social impact champion – Journeys Map makes it possible.

Employee Engagement:

We all know that when an employee feels stuck in a career rut, it’s demotivating. Journeys Map showcases the kaleidoscope of career possibilities within your company, reigniting passion and engagement. For example, when Susan in sales utilizes our Interest Survey and discovers her negotiation skills, it makes her the perfect candidate for a client-facing role. That’s just one way Journneys Map can help you retain happy, engaged employees who contribute their best work.

Skills Assessment Lens:

Journeys Skills Assessment helps your employees look at their current roles through the lens of their talents and skills. Are they underutilized, or can you leverage hidden talents within the company? It provides the clarity needed to make informed decisions about fitting into higher roles or switching contributions to a whole new department.

Want more information on how you can transform your workplace into a talent powerhouse? Contact the team at Journeys Map today and learn how the hidden talents of your team can take center stage, propelling them to unparalleled success!