July 14, 202311:30 am

Peter Sibley Named CEO of the Year

Author: Scott Sibley

Journeys Map is pleased to announce that CEO Peter Sibley has been named Small Business CEO of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal. The award was conferred at The Journals signature dinner event, held on June 27, 2023. Along with Peter were finalists from across a spectrum of business categories representing the diversity of the San Diego business scene.

San Diego has a talented, highly educated workforce along with a dynamic mix of high-tech industry and recreational assets. With a strong Defense industry presence, San Diego has developed into a world-class leader in cybersecurity training and job creation. A part of the San Diego business community for the past 33 years, Peter has been steeped in the education and technology scene and is well known and admired by everyone he connects with.

Peter has been CEO of EDmin for 33 years, of EdGate for the past 19, and of Journeys Map for 9. In 2022 the companies underwent a restructuring, bringing all entities under the EdGate brand. EdGate’s mission is to ‘power education’ with world class services and technology. With the most comprehensive and well-maintained database of academic and CTE standards, EdGate is widely considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in Learning Standards.

Universally admired for his patient, thoughtful approach to business, Peter is not only admired within EdGate, but also serves on several regional non-profit boards and advisory councils. He serves on the University of San Diego School Leadership and Education Advisory Board, the National Initiative for Cyber Education (NICE) Career Pathways Taskforce and is a former member of the West Texas University Department of Information Systems Advisory Board. Peter also held the position of Dean of the School of Computer Science & Engineering at National University based in San Diego, California. Presently, Peter serves as a board member of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE), a nonprofit that mobilizes businesses, academia and government to grow the regional cyber economy and create a more secure digital community for all.

“Peter’s passion and commitment to seeding and diversifying the talent pipeline is infectious and we’re grateful for his leadership on the Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) Board.” – Lisa Easterly, President & CEO, CCOE

Peter is dedicated to empowering others and has set his sights on creating dramatic change within the career pathways industry. His drive is to use the resources available within EdGate to empower individuals of any age to successfully navigation their life’s journey with a tool that is both intuitive and highly functional.

The entire team at EdGate would like to thank the San Diego Business Journal for its recognition of Peter as an outstanding CEO and leveling a spotlight on his dedicated and steady leadership within the community. We are proud of his recognition and pleased that the rest of the world gets to see what we see every day; a leader of outstanding character, patience, and intellect who is selfless and humble, while also able to lead with determination and a strong resolve.